Dress Code

Dress Code...A Black Tie Affair.

Robi Malerba and his family have worked with Cantoni founder (and chief energizing officer) Michael Wilkov for years. They have conceived and crafted this new luxury line to add to the others they produce at their Italian factory, including Solitaire, One & Only, 5th Ave., and more. Not only is the Malerba family a top vendor for us, but they create furnishings for the likes of Harrod’s as well as a host of other internationally-renowned luxury retailers. Inlaid horn, coplanar doors, mirrored glass, lacquer and chrome accents, and oversized seating are just a few of the distinguishing marks of this elegant and refined furniture collection.

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Featured Products Dress Code Collection

  • Dress Code Chair

    Dimensions: 47.25"W X 39"D X 28.5"H
  • Dress Code Sofa

    Dimensions: 94.5"W X 39"D X 28.5"H
  • Dress Code Small Buffet

    Dimensions: 78.75"W X 22"D X 30"H
  • Dress Code Large Buffet

    Dimensions: 95.75"W X 22"D X 30"H
  • Dress Code Console Table

    Dimensions: 71"W X 16"D X 29"H
  • Dress Code Bar Cabinet

    Dimensions: 55"W X 19.7"D X 58.25"H
  • Dress Code Bed - Leather - King

    Dimensions: 82.3"W X 89.4"D X45"H
  • Dress Code Armchair - Black Gloss

    Dimensions: 21"W X 23"D X 37"H
  • Dress Code Armchair - Karoo Gloss

    Dimensions: 21"W X 23"D X 37"H
  • Dress Code Side Chair

    Dimensions: 21"W X 23"D X 37"H
  • Dress Code Bed - Leather - Cal King

    Dimensions: 78.4"W X 94"D X 45"H
  • Dress Code 7-drawer Tall Chest

    Dimensions: 27.5"W X 21.7"D X 48.5"H
  • Dress Code Bench

    Dimensions: 56"W X 17.3"D X 15"H
  • Dress Code Table Lamp

    Dimensions: 17.75"W X 11.5"D X 25"H
  • Dress Code Floor Lamp

    Dimensions: 22"W X 12.5"D X 67"H
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