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In 2002, only two years after launching the Cantoni look in modern and contemporary furniture in Irvine, California, we opened Cantoni Los Angeles. We believed then, as we do now, that Southern California and Cantoni were made for each other when it comes to Los Angeles modern contemporary furniture.

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Cantoni’s success in Texas encouraged us to launch the Cantoni modern and contemporary furniture style in Southern California, first in Orange County, namely Irvine in 2000 and then Los Angeles in 2002. With community after community of modern and contemporary houses, condos and older buildings repurposed for modern urban tastes and lifestyles, Southern California has proven to be an ideal market for Cantoni’s brand of modern and contemporary. Browse the portfolios of featured homes on this website to appreciate the range of modern and contemporary styles our Irvine and Los Angeles designers are working in.

The other parts of the Cantoni success equation include our talented Design Consultants, who are devoted to modern and contemporary tastes and designs, and Cantoni’s superior customer service. Today Cantoni is the primary source for modern and contemporary furniture in Irvine. And even when they aren’t necessarily shopping for some particular piece of furniture, Cantoni Los Angeles customers come in for ideas, inspiration, and the “wow!” experience of Cantoni’s modern and contemporary displays. Located on La Brea Avenue, Cantoni Los Angeles is in the heart of one of the busiest upscale retail districts in town. Our showrooms are always changing, so plan to visit Cantoni Los Angeles often!  You can browse our virtual showroom to get a taste of what is in store for you at Cantoni Los Angeles.

los angeles

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