Great Job Michelle!

I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation of the service that we got from Michelle while choosing our new bedroom.  Michelle was outstandingly helpful to make our decision.  I enjoyed very much working with her and especially appreciate her visiting our house to suggest on where to put new furniture and accessories (mirror and painting.)  Michelle really went an extra mile when I asked for her opinion on our family room layout with the existing furniture that we previously bought from Cantoni few years ago.

I was not completely happy on how we put all sofas so she quickly drew 2 other options, and I chose one.  My husband and son helped me to move it accordingly. What I can say - it is a day and night difference!!!  We are so happy now with our Cantoni Family room and a new Bedroom.

Please extend my deepest gratitude to Michelle.  I am looking forward to work with her in a future.
Thank you.
Svetlana Epstein (over 15+ years loyal client of Cantoni)

Thank You Shand

Dear Shand,   Thank you so much for helping install the beautiful leather sofa , chairs  ottoman and coffee table at our "new " home today! Your service has been superb from the time we ordered our furniture through today's delivery. It was so nice of you to bring the barstool and rug samples I asked for.  When Im back on my feet (literally!)  Bob and I will come see you at the store for the next phase. Your help with our design, furniture plans, the  lengthy ordering process, keeping us updated throughout, changing the delivery date for us and coming to our house on multiple occasions is very much appreciated. Tell your bosses at Cantoni we said your incredible customer service made them (and you!) look good!  Service like you gave us is a rarity these days.

All the best,
Bettina and Bob Henry

Irvine Team Gets 5 Stars

Hello Sarah, 

Thank you for checking in.  The delivery went perfectly.  Your delivery guys were very nice.  Both chairs worked out perfectly.  My measurements were spot on even though I was concerned.  Overall my experience with Cantoni was perfect.  5 Stars! 


Aurora S.

Kudos for Amy and Fernando

Hi Amy,

I’m so sad, but only because today is your day off and I wanted to call you to gush. Our dining room table and chairs arrived this morning. They are so beautiful! I love them so much.

It was very exciting to see them in person. Finally! The all-white chairs are amazing. I’m glad we went with the white legs. They are so comfortable and the leather is luscious – also glad we got the premium. I love how tall and sleek they are without being obnoxiously exaggerated in height or in the arch of the back. They feel as good as they look and I can imagine some long and lingering dinners sitting there.

And I love the acid finish on the table – no finger prints and the amazing milky color is interesting enough that it doesn’t need anything on it to keep your attention. I was a little worried about that table fully extended plus 12 chairs was going to be a squeeze, but both the table and the chairs have no extra bulk to them, so it all fits just right.

The sideboard was delivered earlier this week, so now we have a dining room! The finish on the sideboard is really unique. Like the top of the table, it’s more of a matte than a shiny finish, so together they are nothing short of amazing. Just unexpected and simply beautiful and unique. They complement each other so well that I feel quite proud of myself for putting them together.

We are leaving tonight for London and heading to Mykonos, Greece from there next week, then we get back to the US and turn around and head to the Delaware shore with some friends, so it’ll be into June before we hang anything on the wall and have a complete look to share. But I’ll send pictures.

Until then, start making your plans to come to Pennsylvania so you can attend a dinner party at my house!

Also, please let Fernando know that I appreciate his selection of the delivery company this time. If you recall, when we had the Dylan bed delivered, he used a local company that “never assembled furniture and always just drops off boxes” to put together our beautiful leather bed. It was kind of a mess and I explicitly asked Fernando to send someone who knew what they were doing this time. I had nightmares of scratched lacquer and broken glass and another four month wait for new items. He came through and he sent a delivery company Cantoni uses in tristate NYC. The guys said they don’t usually come this far outside the city, but said they worked with Cantoni frequently and only did high-end deliveries. They knew what they were doing and I felt comfortable with them. It made a big difference in the experience and I really appreciate it.

Also let Fernando know that I’m thankful that he was able to get the delivery done this week. At first, he thought it wouldn’t be until after we returned from our trips in June, but he made it happen. And I am grateful. Both of you are the reason I continue to shop at Cantoni and will continue to do so, no matter where our moves or real estate purchases might take us. Thank you, thank you!



Unparalleled Delivery Service

A message to our delivery team from Cantoni designer, Josh Delafuente's client:

"I've had multiple deliveries from Cantoni and I won't shop anywhere else because of how great the delivery team is compared to everyone else!"

Delivering Impeccable Customer Service

A message from Cantoni Houston designer, Gena Sylvester's client based in Saudi Arabia:

“In the twenty years that I have been moving around the world, I have never had such impeccable packaging. There was not a scratch, not a chip.
Everything, except the missing screws, was perfect. It’s beautiful…my house is going to be beautiful. Thank you so much.”

Benjamin Works Coast to Coast

I am a decorator in Raleigh North Carolina, and I would like to send out a special Thank you to an exceptional sales person. With out the help of Benjamin Rodriquez a sales rep in your Dallas store I would not have created this space for my client in California. My client called me in short notice and informed me that he was moving to the West Coast in one month and must have his place complete ASAP.. This was a huge undertaking for me due to me trying to complete this project from the East coast. Through all the pressure, anxiety, up and down emotions, emails, and phone calls, Benjamin hung in there with me to the end. I felt like I really needed to pass this information on to Benjamin's Senior Leader. In my line of business I have worked with a host of sales people, however Benjamin's  service was the best I ever experienced and I think this should be noted.. Thank's again Benjamin, because of you Cantoni furniture has another life long client..

Sincerely, April L Fennell / CoCo Decor by, April

Cantoni-and Josh-Worth the Drive!

My husband and I traveled from Arkansas with a photo book and no idea what to expect when walking in the doors of Cantoni Dallas. We were in dire need of furniture to fit our new home, which we could not come up with the right look on our own!! After finding Cantoni website we knew we wanted to go to Dallas and see what they offered. From the moment we walked in the door we knew we'd found the right place. We had stopped in several other stores within the vicinity but nothing compared to the showroom at Cantoni and the hospitality we received from Josh. Just a couple days time and Josh sent us home thrilled and anxious to get our new furniture delivered.. We continue to work with Josh through phases of furnishing our home. LOVE his work!!

Cantoni Does Right from the Studs Up!

This project was from the studs up..the results are fabulous. Our home could easily be used as a model. Better than we could imagine.. Our visitors are amazed.

Working with Cantoni has been a great experience!

Hi Michael,  I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with your team.  Armando and Scott have really listened, responded and given us great input / advice in regards to the kitchen, and Josh and Elizabeth are delightful, talented and so professional and prompt with their input and responses to both us and Rusty.  Thank you for all your’e doing behind the scenes (appliance pricing etc.) and for sharing your team with us.  You were right…it’s been great!

Praise for Brad and Nick

Fernando, Just wanted to tip my hat and say thanks for sending a couple of professionals for the furniture move to Colorado.  Both Nick and Brad were the best movers we’ve had in 20 years (14+ moves) and you should be acknowledge their competence and polished skills.  Whoever hired them knows what they are doing! We were impressed and pleased. Thank you,  Bob and Janine Smith

Praise for Elizabeth Lewis, Dallas Design Consultant (via an email to Dallas General Manager)

Hi Roxanne,  This is Pina and Shawn Merecki. We used to live in Dallas and we shopped at Cantoni. We are now in San Fran and when we need to buy something form Cantoni she is always there for us. This email is to let you know that Elizabeth Lewis has all the qualities in giving us the best customer service ever because she is passionate about helping others, has a compassion for customer service and very friendly. She makes us feel important and appreciated. She attentively can easily determine what we want. She is helpful, courteous, and very knowledgeable. Throughout the years we have built a great relationship and she is truly an amazing worker and beautiful person inside and out. Sincerely,  Pina and Shawn Merecki 

Praise for Marty Buchnanan, Dallas Design Consultant

Jay and I want to take a moment to thank you for your superior customer service! I was so glad that you came to our home to make sure that all aspects of the installation were satisfactory. We did not ask you to come, you did it because it was what you felt was appropriate. Thank you for making our wait wothwhile!  Jay and I shop at Cantoni because of you. Each time that we walk through those doors, it's your place. You know your product, you know your customer, and you work and work with us and for us until everything is perfect.  Thanks Marty. Best Regards, Mary Jo Hernandez-Gartner

We Love our Kitchen!  Praise for Cantoni Dallas Designer, Josh DeLaFuente

“Hi Josh,  Funny you should email.  I had been thinking of coming in to talk with you.  I want you to know how much we LOVE the kitchen.  It is absolutely perfect and I would not change a thing.  Or wish for anything to be different.  You guys did an outstanding job!!!!!   Please tell Scott  & Michael how happy we are.   Would be happy to give referrals."  Karen S.  Thanks for lovely note Karen, we enjoyed it so much we've put it on our testimonial page so you are getting your wish to refer Cantoni!

Praise for Cantoni Irvine GM, Jeff Wise, and Triple C Service

In light of the arduous manner portions of our order have turned, I truly want to thank you and Cantoni for standing by us and embracing us as your clients.  Putting our needs first, your customer service is living up to its excellent reputations and we are very thankful for that.  Maria Cupajita

Attention Michael Wilkov (a hand written note received by our Founder and Chief Energizing Officer)

Please note that you Cantoni Team is wonderful!  Shand is a top notch salesperson.  Ariel is truly a professional and Danny is a master mechanic.  Thank you!  I plan to be back soon.  Colleen Scully

Tremendous Service at Cantoni Outlet

I just wanted to pass on my appreciation for the tremendous service we received from Bryan Moore this past Saturday. Without his knowledge and assistance, we would not have found the right furniture with all the options available to fill spaces in our new house. I think it is important to recognize someone when the level of service exceeds your expectations.  It was a pleasure doing business at this location and we will not hesitate to return in the future.  John F. Murphy, ASLA,CCS, CSI

Kudos to Richard Bustos for Taking Extra Time To Make Everything Just Right

Every day, I thank you for the beautiful furnishing your chose for my house and every day I thank you for the extra time you took that morning when the furniture arrived to walk around and place pictures where they should be hung. I also "look for" Francesca is every little commercial that has a dark haired little child.  Hope life is being good to you.


A Decade of Great Design

My decorating journey has taken over 10 years, but Bedra, my Cantoni design consultant and now friend, has been there every step of the way...and I love her for that.  Nanette Cornish

Praise for “T"erri Mechanic, ‘A Marvelous Designer, What Style, What Finesse’

Wow!  The lights are in and on.  Although, there is still much to do, we wanted to express the raw emotion that we are feeling today.  You a marvelous designer, what style, what finesse.  The lights, chairs, dining room, bar stools, sofa, console, metal barrel tables, coffee table, the glass work, the statue, everything looks beautiful.  There is beauty, flow and rhythm in our home.  You have been able to capture who we are so very, very well.  We love how our home is transforming.  


Manohar Deep & Arvinder Singh

P.S.  Please thank Jeff (Irvine General Manager) from us, for all of his support.  And, I was unable to find Mr. Wilkov's email address, so it would be much appreciated if you could forward this short, but heartfelt note to him.

Memorable & Enjoyable!

Thank you, Elizabeth, for your help in turning this house into a home. Working with you was memorable and enjoyable, and I look forward to engaging with you again on future projects.
Dr. Thad Taylor

You Have A Real Gem

Hi Mr. Wilkov,

My wife and I recently went looking for a couch for our family room.  We stopped at Roche-Bobois and saw a couch we liked.  Two days later we stopped at Cantoni and found two other couches we liked.  My wife was shocked by the difference in sales people between the two stores.  The person at Roche couldn't answer any questions without looking at a catalog.  Since, I made my career in Sales Management in the IT Industry and had my own recruiting company for over 10 years, I feel very qualified to comment on the professionalism between different sales people.  I explained to my wife, you just saw the difference between an order taker and a professional sales person.

We have found that Ms. Terri Mechanic always knows her product, determines our needs and makes intelligent suggestions.  She is terrific to work with and we always enjoy going back to her.  You have a real gem.

Allen Fuller

By George…We Love Our New Furniture

Oh George (Saba, Cantoni Houston)...Our new furniture is absolutely gorgeous!!! It was delivered this morning and Ross and I are very, very happy with it all. And – you were completely right about the tobacco color of the sectional – I adore it!!  Ross said his chair is very comfortable – and we love the rug, too!  It’s all perfect. I think we’re ready to look at a coffee table – and maybe a small table to put near Ross’s chair. And I think you mentioned a bench of some kind – that would probably work very well in the room.  Ross will be in Houston a couple of times before Christmas, so he may pop in if he has some free time.  We’ll look around here, but if you think of something that will work, please keep us in mind. Again, thank you so much – we LOVE our new furniture!! 

Diane and Ross

Thank You for the Wonderful New Kitchen

We want to thank you for the wonderful new kitchen which graces our home. As you know, we have a long and happy relationship with Cantoni and especially Craig Rubright as our designer. With his advice and your expertise, the project transformed this older condo into a real gem.  The model showroom for Bontempi was a great place to start and the computer rendering were exceptionally helpful. We were doing a very extensive remodel of the kitchen. Scott (Cantoni Kitchen Design Director) described what we were doing as a transformation. we were knocking down walls, repositioning appliances, etc. the CAD drawings of the new kitchen, supplied by Cantoni, permitted me to supply the contractor  a very detailed drawing, to one cm, the position of all: electrical, plumbing, and vent outlets. This greatly facilitated the contractors job, and permitted the installs of the cabinetry, appliances and countertops to be efficiently implemented.

We thank you for all your help, patience and generosity with your valuable time. We couldn’t be happier and the project is an absolute success!

Steve & Samra Wallach

Dogs, Fire and Tribeca


On August 2nd, our 2,500 Square-foot  Beverly Hills Condominium caught fire in the early afternoon. Our housekeeper was running our two-years new Frigidaire Dryer  (manufactured by Electrolux) and it caught fire in a laundry area off the kitchen. Apparently the fire and smoke inundated the entire condominium rapidly.  She was working in the Tribeca master bedroom in the rear area, became aware of the smoke and ran out the front door, inadvertently leaving our French Bulldog Bernie, and our Jack Russell, Jackie, behind in the smoke and flames.

I got the call and raced home from the Agency about 10 minutes away only to find our street jammed with fire equipment not only from Beverly Hills, but also from City and County, EMT vehicles and many, many black and whites. At first I was shooed away from our front walkway until I got the Fire Captain's attention and I cried out, where are the dogs? He was taken aback and I screamed the information at him, where are Bernie and Jackie?

The Captain sent 12 Fire Fighters on O2 tanks into our zero visibility home, feeling along the walls and floor for our loved ones. I don't mind telling you I was going crazy as the minutes crept by. My mind imagining the life and death struggle evolving inside, not knowing how our loved ones would come out. The Captain tried to calm me down to no avail.

30 long, long minutes later. the babies emerged and fell into my arms, O2 tanks at the ready providing the relief they so desperately needed before quickly transporting them to the vet hospital.You have no idea whatsoever how incredibly happy Marsha and I are to report they survived, not without treatment, but nonetheless they made it.

The headline is, Cantoni's Tribeca Bedroom Saves Dogs' Lives.

As the BHFD report goes, Jackie hid down low under the Tribeca bed. Bernie nosed his way under the covers which actually filtered the fumes to some extent, long enough to be rescued. It may sound far-fetched, but the Tribeca bed saved their lives.

Props for Cantoni’s High Customer Service

Debe (Dallas Design Consultant,) Please let the right people know that the two delivery men who brought the carpet were first rate reps for the high customer service expected of Cantoni. They were polite, very, very helpful in replacing all the stuff that needed to be arranged, and meticulous in every detail.

Dick S

You have a treasure in Sarah!

I just want to let you know what a pleasure it is to work with Sarah Monaghan at your Irvine location. I am a designer in Temecula, California and have been working with Sarah for a few weeks via e-mail and finally met her yesterday. I have a client who is very particular and knows what he wants. Sarah went the extra mile yesterday with me and my client for several hours. She is knowledgeable, efficient and extremely personable. She made my job easier for sure and anticipated what I needed to make things work for our needs and my clients wishes. As a result my client will be ordering a considerable amount of furnishings and accessories and I know I will be returning to Sarah for her expertise and willingness to go the extra mile in the future.

Peggi NashDesigning Phases, Murrieta, CA.

Happy Customers

My wife and I have been working with Tess McNeill to improve the look of our 1952 home interior. I wasn't extremely familiar with Cantoni or your process when I walked into the showroom on Alpha, but I really liked the idea of a company that makes fantastic furniture and helps the homeowners designer their interior spaces. Tess has really been terrific at helping us go places we wanted to go design wise, but didn't know how to get there. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty and we have absolutely loved working with her. The entire experience has been wonderful.We can't wait to get all of our new pieces into our home!

Kinds regards,
James and Ann Wilson

Praise for a Job Well Done

I hope that Debe ok'd (eNewsletter 186) this for you.  I thought it was fantastic.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of your eNewsletter, it is indeed a high honor!  We think of the Dallas store as home and we spend almost as much time in the store as we do in our homes.  The staff at Cantoni have become our friends and family.  We appreciate everything that all of you have done and continue to do for us.Thanks for doing such a wonderful job showcasing our home at The Warrington.  

Warmest Regards,
Annie Burroughs

Actor Luke Evans’ Praise for Cantoni

“Thank you Cantoni LA for assisting me In finding the right pieces of furniture. I was blown away by the Young Hollywood studio and found your showroom even more awesome. The choices were immense.  I wish you all the best.  Thanks again from a wintery Berlin!”

A Credit to Your Organization

I have recently purchased some furniture at your store in Houston. I felt so strongly about the positive experience I had with Amy McFall, that I decided to write you both. Her experience and skill set were invaluable in the design of our living room. I can't tell you how happy we were with our dealings with Amy; she was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is a credit to your organization.

Gavin Jones

Setting the Stage in LA

“We offer the ultimate perspective on celebrity lifestyle, travel, nightlife, music and more, from the best source, celebrities themselves. Cantoni provided the look and energy needed to bring our unique studio to life.”  

Chris Vanger, Marketing & Events Coordinator | Young Hollywood LLC 

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