Our story.

We first opened our doors in 1984. Our Founder and CEO Michael Wilkov had just returned from Italy passionate about all he had seen and inspired by the incredible artisans and designers he’d discovered. It had been one year since Michael, a then 26-year-old immigrant from Johannesburg, South Africa, had relocated to Dallas, Texas. Traditional tastes in home furnishings dominated the market but Michael believed there had to be a demand for a more modern perspective in a city so dynamic and diverse.  So being a young risk-taker and a lifelong design enthusiast, he set out to build a store like no other and bring the best in modern design to his new hometown.

Michael traveled the globe to meet with artisans, family owned factories and iconic design houses. From sofas, to statement chairs, to lighting and art, he sought out the innovative – cutting-edge design that inspired. He handpicked every piece and every line. Designers and craftsman became his friends and each of their products became something special to him. Each had a history. A story he would bring stateside.

With a big dream and a small team, we opened that first store, a modest 4,500 square foot showroom in Preston and Royal Village. Each day was an exciting new adventure. Michael loved being in the store, getting to know our clients and sharing his firsthand knowledge about each product. Those relationships had a far greater impact than anything and became the foundation for our unique customer-first philosophy.

With new lines to showcase and a growing demand, Michael hired design consultants in lieu of salespeople to build a team of professionals passionate about modern design and skilled in creating beautiful interiors. We became a place people were talking about – an unparalleled resource that offered a thoughtfully curated selection of high-quality products with a personalized, one-on-one approach to designing interiors for your life.

It’s an understatement to say a lot has happened between those early days and now. We’ve since been recognized as one of the nation’s leading retailers in modern and contemporary furniture, accessories and interior design services with six locations including Houston, Atlanta, Irvine and Los Angeles in addition to our Dallas flagship and outlet store. We’ve also built an international presence with private residences and destination homes completed across the globe from Dubai to Shanghai, to New York to Nairobi.

Over the past thirty years, Michael’s vision has endured as our commitment to our clients and our passion for modern design has remained at the core of everything we do. Our growth has been accelerated by our loyal partners and clients, dedicated design consultants and the meaningful services we’ve added over the years to deliver on our clients’ needs from custom kitchen and closet design to turnkey project management.

We continue to seek out the best in modern design to offer you the convenience of working with a single destination for all your needs from furniture to flooring, to interior design and more – endless possibilities to inspire your ideal space to live and work.

Visit any of our stores and you will find spaces designed to ignite your imagination, an unmatched library of resources and knowledgeable design consultants eager to help you with your design challenges - big or small. Whether you are building a new home, starting a renovation, shopping for many items or the perfect piece to complete a room, our goal is help you create a space you love. Welcome to Cantoni, your destination for modern interiors.

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