CANTONI—from 1984 to now

Cantoni was conceptualized by our founder Michael Wilkov, in the early ‘80s, and began in a small strip center in North Dallas. As a lifelong fan of contemporary and modern fashion, furnishings and architecture, Michael always believed in the enduring appeal of great design.

The First CantoniMichael quickly established a philosophy at Cantoni that put the customer’s needs above all else. This commitment to exceeding the expectations of clients, along with offering exclusive furnishings and unparalleled in-house design services, have made Cantoni a premier design resource and industry leader.
Since the days when a staff of two did nearly everything, from buying and selling, to creating displays and warehousing, to deliveries and housekeeping, Cantoni has grown to include five showrooms, in three states, with several hundred employees and legions of loyal fans. We couldn’t be more pleased that so many others have embraced our signature creed,  “Great Design Is a Way of Life.”
Stop by the showroom today and we promise you’ll be inspired.  As always, we’ve sourced the world’s most exciting modern furnishings, art and accessories, and we’ve presented them in compelling visual displays created to stimulate the senses and tap into your imagination.
 LA Store Teaser Ads“Cantoni is about selling the whole package, that package being design. One of our biggest assets is the design talent in our studios.  They turn our clients dreams into reality.”
Michael Wilkov
The Cantoni Design Studio has proven to be an invaluable asset to our clients.  Using the latest space-planning technology, with access to an extensive assortment of fabrics, leathers, color palettes and vendors, our designers help clients create their ideal home or work environment—on time and as budgeted. If you haven’t taken advantage of this resource, we encourage you to consult with a member of our design team (even if merely browsing in the store). A simple suggestion from one of these experts often leads to an extraordinary result.
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We feature new redesign profiles every month on our website, so stop by and check out the amazing before and after images. From kitchen remodeling, to maximizing the living space of a high-rise condominium, to projects that involve total home makeovers, no job is too challenging for our creative team to tackle with stunning finesse.
What can Cantoni do for you? More than you can imagine.

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“Our quarter-century of growth and success is a result of clearly defined goals, a solid business plan, and the discipline to stick to our vision and customer-first practices.”   Michael Wilkov
Michael Wilkov: Our Founder & CEO
Michael Wilkov
As a 26-year old immigrant from Johannesburg, South Africa, Michael Wilkov relocated to Dallas in challenging times. It was 1983, and both the city and state were in the midst of a slumping economy as bank failures and layoffs made daily headlines.
Michael had always dreamt of owning a men’s apparel business, but after researching the market more thoroughly, the entrepreneur decided his future was in furniture—not fashion, so he set out to create a store like no other. He’s been scouting great modern design ever since.
Cantoni's First Distribution Center“Dallas was perceived as a bastion of traditional tastes in home furnishings. My thinking was that in a market this big, diverse and dynamic, there had to be a demand for great design and a more modern perspective,” Wilkov explains. “I just knew we could appeal to this audience, win others over, and grow a base of loyal customers.”
With no real advertising budget, word of mouth was essential to success. Undeniably, customers responded to the company’s Triple C philosophy: Cantoni. Customer. Commitment. By offering extraordinary furniture and accessories displayed in showrooms that inspire, giving clients access to talented design teams, and instilling a customer-first philosophy, Cantoni has maintained its sound presence and is ready to tackle another quarter-century of success!
Ciao Y'all“Our 26+ years of growth and success is a result of clearly defined goals, a solid business plan, and the discipline to stick to our vision and customer-first practices,” reflects Michael.
We are proud to say that Cantoni has become one of the nation’s leading retailers in modern furnishings, accessories and design services—and we remain committed to the principles that have kept us in business. We couldn’t have done it without the hard work of our employees, and the loyal trust of our customers. Thank you!

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